12pm to 4:00pm

Simple Salad* 7
: Watsonville farm mixed salad, with Asian pear &
soy-sauce, plum vinaigrette

HO-PANG Steamed Buns (2 buns per order)
Stir Fried Kimchi & Braised Pork Belly 6

Braised Short Rib 7
Mushroom & Chive Curry* 6
House-made Steamed Ya-Chae Mandu* 6
: Dumpling stuffed with vegetables, shiitake & enoki mushrooms and vegetable protein
Pa Jun 10
: Scallion pancake with seafood
Kimchi Bu-chim* 8
: Pancake with Kimchi, Onions and Zucchini
Soon Du-Bu: Spicy seafood soft bean-curd stew 10
Ya-Cha Soon Du-Bu* Vegetables Soon Du-Bu 9
Kimchi Jji-Gae 11
: Kimchi stew braised with pork belly and rice cakes
Korean Style Spicy Chicken Wings
w/ half dozen 8


Jap Chae* Stir-Fried Vermicelli with Asian Vegetables 10
w/ Bul-go-ki or w/ Shrimp 4


Bul-Go-Ki Bi Bim Bop Marinated Sliced Sirloin 14
Premium Black Angus Grilled Skirt Steak Bi Bim Bob 15
Je-Yuk Bi Bim Bop Spicy Marinated Pork 13
Grilled Chicken Bi Bim Bop Spicy Grilled Chicken 13
Tofu Bi Bim Bob* Soft Tofu 12
Kimchi Bi Bim Bob Stir-Fried Kimchi 13
Beans & Root Bi Bim Bob* 12
w/ Fried Egg 1
w/ Organic Fried Tofu 1

comes with Salad with Soy Lemon Vinaigrette & Rice

Bulgoki 11
Spicy Pork 11
Spicy Chicken 10
Tofu & Kimchi* 9

Any style of 2 eggs 2

* Vegetarian Plates